The 3 Superfoods you should be eating

It’s not an unusual thing for the internet to be flooded with mountains of information surrounding one particular topic. Superfoods included. Quite frankly, it’s fair enough. I could sit here and list 100s of superfoods that you should have in your diet. The key to narrow it down to 5 is to focus on what you want to achieve. 

So for today’s blog post we are going to focus on Superfoods that enhance your mood and energy. The two of these go hand in hand. If you have a low mood than your energy is low and vice versa.  



Derived from Central Peru in the high plateaus of Andes Mountains, Peruvian Maca has been used locally for over 3000yrs. 

Full of fatty acids and amino acids It has long been used to increase energy and mental stability, stabilise hormones and enhance your mood. 

I love to add it to my daily shake or sprinkle it on top of my smoothie bowl for breakfast. It tastes and smells almost like butterscotch. I can’t go past Bare Blends!


 Harvested from an Indigenous American Jungle tree comes our one true love, chocolate, in its finest form of course! Less all the additives (dairy, sugar) Cacao is one of the most powerful and most delicious superfoods around. It’s no wonder I am completely bonkers about it! 

I have it every morning for breakfast in my smoothie bowl and every lunch with my shake 👌🏻. It works on improving your mood (aphrodisiac!) and also increasing your energy levels through stimulating the release of endorphins. 




It took me a while to warm to this fresh pink fish but once I warned, there was no going back! Absolutely LOADED with anti-inflammatory properties with our essential omega-3 Fatty acids.  

An increase in fish in your diet like salmon has been said to reduce depressive symptoms and improve cognitive function. If this doesn’t boost your energy enough than perhaps the improved metabolism with a more efficient use of oxygen during exercise will do the trick ✔️ Thanks Salmon. 

Not sure how to cook it? Check this delicious recipe out 👇🏼 - it’s my personal fave!  


Leave your comments below if you have any questions or thoughts X x